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This is the story of the level 3 prisoners from U.S Federal Prison, Underground Hotel, built 30 meters beneath Long Island. The prisoners who enjoy life to the fullest call it the "Undergrand Hotel". Join us and shape your destiny - will you sink or swim? Do you have the inner strength to survive or will you become victim to the lonliness?

Welcome to version 3 of Welcome to the UGH.

There have been a few changes from previous versions of the game. The most important is that we have done away with the 'friend add' system. From now on, all journal/diary type entries will be posted on the main community using the special header found on the Rules page. While you're checking it out, just familiarise yourself with the rules.

Cell Listings have been modified, check to see who your roomie is, and if you need any changes making, let me know.

Things are still being updated and fixed - especially the taken characters list, as I'm still waiting to hear back from people, so stick with me while I work on it :)
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